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Nature Architecture
Client Sharada Erectors Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Location Jaipur, Rajasthan
Site Area 11 Hectare

Design Lead Rohit Shinkre
Project Team Akshada Kakani, Pooja Poddar, Komal Valanju, and Suyash Mali

Create a multi-activity hub around the proposed International Convention Centre with hospitality, retail, and entertainment development to support it.

The master plan provides an overall ordering principle and distinctly separates the components. Climate responsive planning and design. Optimize infrastructure development regarding access roads, water and power supply, and waste management. Elevated access road conditions achieve a vehicle-free pedestrian level that connects all the program components. Pre-engineered construction system for fast-track construction of convention center.

Scope of Service Master Planning. Scheme design of various components. Transportation planning. 

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