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Nature Residential Architecture
Location Ambeghar Village, Raigad, India (80kms from Mumbai)
Site Area Varies
Status Completed

Design Lead Rohit Shinkre 
Project Architects Neha Sanghvi, Akshada Kakani, Ashwin Chaudhari Structural Abhilash
General Contractor Nitin Kuvalekar

Private residential bungalows in a plotted development in the Artist Village were built as per the design principles of Laurie Baker.

Sustainable built environment. Site responsive design - exploting topography. Bakerian construction principles - exposed brick, filler slab for cost-effective construction. Passive climate-responsive features for maximizing natural ventilation, roof overhangs, brick jaali, etc. Integrating the built and unbuilt house and garden. No air-conditioning is required!

Scope of Service Site Planning. Landscape Strategy. Architectural Design and Detailing. Preparation of Construction Drawings. Specifications and Bill of Quantities. Design and quality control.

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