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Nature Landscape and Architecture
Location Kavedi, Near Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India
Site Area 3.5 Acres
Status Completed

Design Lead Rohit Shinkre 
Project Architects Falguni Gangar, Karl Mascarenhas 
QS Girish Laud
Horticulturist Keshavan
Solar Power Aurore 
Structural Prof. Ambalavan (IIT Madras)
General Contractor Das

A private residential estate in South India with provision for some public facilities like a Dojo (Japanese Archery), Guest Houses, etc.

Sustainable built environment. Planning ensures that existing healthy plantation is conserved. Cost-effective composite structure - load bearing and RCC. Minimise concrete and steel. Compressed earth blocks and brickwork. Innovative use of locally available rough granite. Passive climate-responsive features for maximizing natural ventilation, retractable sun shades, roof insulation, and rainwater harvesting. Active features: PV cells for solar energy and hot water. No air-conditioning is required!

Scope of Service Site and Master Planning. Landscape Design. Architectural Design and Detailing. Furniture Design. Preparation of Construction Drawings. Specifications and Bill of Quantities. Design and quality control. 

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