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Nature Set Design


Over the years, we have occasionally been involved in art direction and set design. This is a natural extension of the architect’s interest in creating space as a ‘container’ of an activity or a message- using material, surfaces, and light.

Omphalos Hotel: By French playwright Jean Michel Ribes, produced at the Theatre de la Cite Universitaire de Nanterre (1989). Directed by Marieke.

LG Mobiles: For Horizons Ad agency (2000). Advertisement featuring Katrina Kaif in a jewel shop. Set erected in Film City- Goregaon. 

Home Trade Campaign: For Horizons Ad agency (2000). Featuring Hrithik Roshan in his personal Gym and Shahrukh  Khan in a futuristic home

Loins of Punjab: Pre-production art direction for Indo-American feature film (2006) produced by ‘Horn Okay Please,’ directed by Manish Acharya.
Elaborate sets needed to re-create a Hotel and various other environments in the USA in Mumbai studios.

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