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Nature Architecture
Location Kamshet, Pune
Area 1700 square feet bungalow, 900 square feet verandah
Status Completed

Design Lead Rohit Shinkre 
Project Team Akshada Kakani, Neha Bhansali, and Ashwin Chaudhary
General Contractor Mansoor

Private residential bungalow on a remarkable lake-side slope.
The design responds to the views offered by the location and the sharp gradient of the site. Conceptually, it progresses from a heavy stone wall that pins the house to the earth to a floating cantilevered open veranda. Innovative structural system to express the architectural concept. Passive climate-responsive features to address hefty rainfall. Use of traditional craftsmanship for stone masonry.

Scope of Service Site planning. Landscape strategy. Preliminary design studies. Architectural Design & Detailing. Preparation of Construction Drawings. Specifications and Bill of Quantities. Design and quality control.

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