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Nature Product Design
Client Reliance Mobile


Design Lead Rohit Shinkre
Project Architects Adel Bagli and Karl Mascarenhas
Fabrication of Prototype Display House

As product designers for Display House. Reliance was considering various options for the launch of its CDMA mobile phone services in India. We had the opportunity to design two such initiatives: Shop-in-shop Counter and RIM Booth.

Design to respond to a very detailed brief regarding the sales process. Need to provide space for stationery and fliers, customer application forms, display and secure storage of handset, PC with a bar-code reader, and cash counter. Need for an effective branding media. Both products are highly effective on both counts - visual providing prominent. 

Branding and functional integrating sales process efficiently. Functioning prototypes were reviewed and highly appreciated in person by Mr. Mukesh Ambani. The shop-in-shop counter was fabricated into over 5000 pieces and used all over India.

Scope of Service Preliminary design studies. Design Development and Detailing. Shop drawings for the production of a prototype.

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