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Nature Architecture
Location Ratnagiri Railway Station, Maharashtra
BU Area 3,500 square meters
Status Completed

Design Lead Rohit Shinkre 
Project Architects Adel Bagli, Karl Mascarenhas 
QS Girish Laud  
Structural Jayprakash Mane, Kolhapur

A novel initiative by the Indian Railways to provide convenience and value to rail travelers. A pilot project in the Ratnagiri Station on the Konkan Railway Mumbai Goa stretch with Krishnali Resorts. The program includes guestrooms, suites, serviced apartments, a multipurpose hall, a cafeteria, a restaurant, a kitchen, offices, and retail space.

With no other development, the green-filed site poses a different design challenge. The design creates street alignments as a guide for future development. An articulated form responds to the corner location of the plot with a ‘feature’ octagonal structure.
Efficient planning optimized structural grids, simple finishes- cost-effective construction. Use of locally available laterite stone. The solar water heater supply to the kitchen and guest rooms is well integrated into the design.

Scope of Service Site planning. Architectural Design and Detailing. Preparation of Construction Drawings. Specifications and Bill of Quantities

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