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Nature Urban

Location Foshan, China
Site Area 

Design Lead Rohit Shinkre
Project Architects Neha Sanghavi, Akshada Kakani, Komal Jadhav, and Pooja Poddar

Redevelopment of an Industrial site in Foshan, China. The city, the most important center for the manufacture of electronic goods, is now transforming into a commercial hub for trading in electronic goods. A Master Plan regulates this change. The project looks at redeveloping a massive 41-acre production site as part of this transformation. RSA was consulting Architects and Urban Designers for SIJCON, Ahmedabad.
The program revolves around creating a B2B electronic mega mart and an exhibition arena along the central axis of Foshan. Along a parallel secondary artery, 3 high-rise towers accommodate hotels, serviced apartments, and residential space to service the mega mart. A diverse retail and F&B street-level program around an animated public plaza articulates the development. The idea is to get the B2B hub in the city center rather than the usual insipid, non-city-like fringes. The design considers the re-use of existing structures. Large column-free industrial halls are used for exhibition for viability and quick implementation. The existing multi-story warehouse is converted into a Parking. A high-rise water tank is retained and reworked into an iconic totem with lighting and communication features. This approach is quite contrary to the usual practice of ‘tabula rasa’ for urban projects in China.

The design derives elements from traditional Chinese design. The lanterns, water fountains, ornate partition screens, calligraphy, etc, are re-interpreted in a contemporary idiom. The planning ensures that services and vehicular traffic are cleanly managed. Adequate access and parking is provided. The public plaza is free of vehicles and affords a large waterbody for the proposed retail and fine dining facilities. This is intended to create a significant pole of ‘urbanity’ for new Foshan, ensuring the city benefits from this development to the extent possible.

Scope of Services Urban Appraisal, Design Concept, Urban Programming, Urban Design, Architectural Design

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