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Though we are rich in the depth of learning from past projects, each project is looked at as a unique event. The design process evolves from thoroughly examining the project’s specific context to creatively identifying the constraints and opportunities it presents. By context, we mean a wide range of issues amidst which the project happens: natural and built environment, climate, program and functionality, construction, cultural, and social (usage). The design thus creates possibilities and not constraints for its users.


‘Economy of means’ is fundamental to (our) design. Achieve more with less- not necessarily less money but less resources. We advise clients to make decisions considering overall life cycle costs and environmental implications of projects.
Sustainability, for us, is not an allied parameter or a technology solution we refer to but a living philosophy intrinsic to design. It permeates all design aspects: climate-responsive planning and architectural features, energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, eco-sensitive building material, promoting locally made material and know-how, alternative energy, and effective water and waste management.
We adhere to this approach well before the emergence of the worldwide LEED, BREEAM, HQE, and other such environmental ratings.


The ultimate purpose of a design intervention is to create beauty, an open and meaningful dialogue between the project and its users. We intend our interventions to be significant beyond the trappings of passing trends. The intention is to create a meaningful aesthetic experience rather than an ‘image’ dictated by a design idiom. This explains the eclectic plurality of our past projects. 


Creative solutions are not ‘experiments’ at the client’s cost. They are backed up with thorough design documents to ensure they are implemented within the estimated time and cost. Domain experts are roped in if the project requires it. This discipline and commitment to the job have allowed us to successfully deliver a wide range of projects and earn the confidence of a wide range of clients. It is here that the extensive experience of various projects over the past 20 years comes into play.

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