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Nature Urban

Location Osaka, Japan
Site Area 

Design Lead Rohit Shinkre
Project Architects Adel Bagli and Karl Mascarenhas

Design and planning proposal for the urban revival of central Osaka around the development of a defunct Umeda train terminus. 

The proposal presents a general reflection on the City in the 21st century. It also responds to specific constraints and opportunities offered by the City and the site. The built environment is classified into two categories: the enduring institutions that will lead to the revival of the city center with a solid formal expression and the flexible mixed-used buildings that can change, adapt, and be rebuilt per the fast-changing needs of our times. The City is the media of its history - the ‘railway’ is the potent theme for the landscape design of a large central plaza where the proposed development happens.

Scope of Services Urban Appraisal, Concept-level Master Planning, Urban Programming, and Urban Design with Architectural and Landscape Strategies.

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