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Nature Architecture
Location Miraj, Maharashtra, India
Site Area 3.4 Acres
Status Completed

Design Lead Rohit Shinkre 
Project Architect Akshada Kakani
Structural A.B. Kulkarni
General Contractor Sanjay Patil

Extension of the floor above an existing building (A) and new construction (B) for an educational campus, including school and University programs for the Gulabrao Patil Memorial Trust.

Cost and time-bound construction. 
An innovative proposal for a pre-engineered lightweight structure for an additional floor above an existing building. The proposed design creates a sense of place in a disparate existing environment. The structural grid allows for great flexibility in the space occupation and internal planning that the building will require in the future. Facades are climate and usage-responsive, integrating sunshades and storage boxes to suit the orientation and interior planning.

Scope of Service Site and master planning. Landscape design. Architectural Design and Detailing. Preparation of tender documents. Specifications and Bill of Quantities. Preparation of Construction Drawings. Design and quality control.

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